New website opens the lid on the big wins possible with Progressive Jackpot Slots features an array of Progressive Jackpot tickers to give users the upper-hand when it comes to betting on the Slots.

An ever increasingly popular area of Slots gaming, particularly that which occurs online – Progressive Jackpots are nonetheless an area upon which most could use an education to feel confident when they make a Progressive their next gaming choice. As more and more people are drawn to getting their thrills via the gambling services available on the internet, it is important to make educated and responsible decisions.

To put the concept of the Progressive Jackpot simply: they are comprised of bonus funds which are drawn from the combined buy-ins of one or more gaming machines. Building ever-so-gradually, as each new user deposits money (excluding those who bank the jackpot itself, of course), this growing prize pool is the big incentive to take a chance playing them.

It is the sole mission of Rich Wasp to inform and educate its readers on the nature of Progressive Jackpots so that they choose the right one to play every time. Given that the modern industry is so utterly awash with so many games accumulating so many separate progressive jackpots, Rich Wasp wants to provide users with the hard-to-come-by upper-hand. By detailing which jackpots are primed for a winning combo anytime soon and which are best avoided for now, the team behind Rich Wasp hope to help players achieve winning results when they hit the Progressives.

Rich Wasp makes it their job to know when a new Progressive Slot game is launched. The site reviews new games and old favourites on its regularly updated blog. Readers can learn more about the games they enjoy playing and get introduced to new releases to keep their gaming fresh as well as rewarding. Given the sheer scale of this constantly growing business, it is the belief of the Rich Wasp team that there are many undiscovered fortunes lying within the reach of all online gamblers – with more being accumulated to replace those that have just paid out.

The on-going debate into whether or not the internet has been a good influence on the gambling industry is unlikely to end anytime soon. While it is undeniable that playing games online does carry a certain amount of risk, Rich Wasp is there to make that as small as possible, and the wins even bigger. And were it not for the internet, the sheer number of Progressive Jackpots to play would not exist. With players now playing the same games from all over the world, the rapidity of winnable jackpots is now astonishing.

So as more and more people take a piece of the action, Rich Wasp has set itself up as a voice of reason in a business which can all so often inspire rash moves.

Rich Wasp is an online platform that brings the many Progressive Jackpots available straight to online gamers. Its growing community of users can use the tickers to see which Jackpot they should hit next, read up on the best progressive games on offer and prepare for a big win. For more information, visit or contact them via the postal address and telephone number listed below:

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