Shake Up at the Long Harbour Online Casino

There are some online casinos that just keep getting better. Long Harbour Casino definitely fits into that category. They do not even give the opposition a chance to catch up, because they are always striving to make improvements and exciting innovations. They have upgraded their look, some of their promotions and added some exciting new games.

If you are new to the online casino world and have not picked a website, now is a good time to be joining Long Harbour Casino. Their welcome packages have been upgraded to include some great incentives. People who start off with the casino will be allowed to make a sizable deposit. 100% of that deposit will be given back to them as free betting money. This means that someone who submits $500 would have $1,000 in their account.

New users will also be able to take around 30 free spins on any of the slots games available at Long Harbour Casino. It is recommended that these spins be used on the Starburst game.

Slots players have further incentives to use Long Harbour. There will be a promotion for over a month that allows users to get up to $500 on top of any deposits they make. A user would have to make at least 100 spins with different games in order to be eligible for this offer. Long Harbour is keen to reward those players that put a lot of time and money into their casino. In addition to getting jackpots and other prizes, you could be in line for some free betting money through frequent use.

The Long Harbour Casino company has always been looking at expansion and evolution. They have partnered up with a few other casinos, such as Yachting Casino, BetsKING Casino, and Monte Casino, in order to give users more options. Depending on the types of games you enjoy and the country of use, one of those casinos may be a great option.