Lottery Winner Shares Winnings with his Brother

It is not often you hear about lottery winners splitting their winnings. Sure, couples will share the money if one spouse gets lucky. However, other shared winnings are rare. That is why so many people are surprised at the story from Oregon that involves two brothers sharing lottery winnings.

Lottery WinnersEric Hale won the lottery in Oregon this past month. His prize was $1 million and he could have kept all the money for himself. Instead, he decided to split the money half way with his younger brother, Quinn Hale. The two had made a pact when they were younger: if either one of them won the lottery, they would split it 50/50.

Eric had this to say on the story: “It was a no brainer for me. When we were young, we would always talk about the feeling of winning the lottery. We both wanted that rush. In that moment, we agreed that if either one of us won, we would split with the other person. The moment I heard that I had won, I thought of my brother and I knew that splitting the winnings was the right thing to do.”

His brother Quinn was stunned when he heard that Eric was going to share the winnings. “I really cannot believe this. Even though I have cashed the check, it is remarkable to me that my brother would be so selfless,” he said. Eric won this money while playing the Powerball lottery. After taxes are taken out, both brothers will get around $350,000 to put in their bank accounts.

Despite the recent win, Eric and Quinn Hale are keeping their feet on the ground. They will use the money to pay off debts, invest for the future, and help their families. Eric also plans to take a well-deserved vacation to China.