Online Bids to Come from Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

The Alberta gaming and liquor commission is considering an online bid, and it’s entering the government-required stages for online gambling opportunities. At the moment, online gaming within the area isn’t firmly recognized by the law—nor is it illegal. Albertans selecting online gaming opportunities are currently accessing offshore websites, and they’re reportedly spending between $120 and $150 million on such websites.


Online bid considered by the Alberta gaming and liquor commission


Future Discussion and Gathered Information

While maintaining an online gaming site isn’t difficult, and while it doesn’t require stable province for further platform development, several processor partnerships have risen to offer smooth transitions. Likely, Alberta will access steps similar to British Columbia and Manitoba, expanding into its major off-shores gaming site and twitter page for

Currently, however, such discussion are in early development, and information gathered via the AGLC is available for public viewing. Currently, major goals centre around decisions capable of pleasing a province majority. Residents aside, however, Alberta gaming providers will likely become increasingly interested in government-run programs.


New Regulations and Expansion

Ad, again, many Alberta gamers have become incredibly active within’s social media presence. Likely, British Columbia and Manitoba future regulations will further spike online gambling options, and Alberta may join both provinces to access government-regulated gaming operations.

Where expansion is considered, the possibilities mirror the future—and the areas’ regulations may deliver a slew of opportunities capable of redefining the industry. For many websites like, this is only the beginning, and increasing opportunities will likely reveal themselves as further regulations are developed.